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Responsibilities of Chartered Student Organizations

In consideration for being a charted student organization, groups will agree to:

  1. To be aware of the financial status of the student organization at all times, which can be accomplished by contacting Sheri Shannon, Accounting & Financial Reporting 646-1514  if it is a campus account.
  2. To submit an Activity Registration Form for all events including general meetings, both on and off campus (available at to be submitted no later than 10 working days prior to the event.  The event must be finalized through Campus Activities prior to being advertised or held.
    • All Activities must be in compliance with the University Sales and Solicitation Policy.
    • For specific information on planning your event/activity, contact the Campus Activities office at 646-3200.
  3. To conduct its affairs within the framework of University policies. Including but not limited to:  the Code of Conduct, Administrative Policies, University’s Computer Use Policy, and the provisions of the by-laws of the organization.
  4. To conduct its affairs according to democratic processes and good fiscal business management.
  5. To notify and keep the advisor (s) informed of all activities, meetings, fiscal matters, and events of the organization.
  6. To utilize University facilities, grounds, and equipment properly at all times and to compensate the University if damages occur during an event/activity that the organization conducts.
  7. To operate and/or conduct all activities in a conscientious manner, consistent with recognized standards, in order to protect the health and safety of the general public and all individuals participating in the activities.
  8. To submit an NMSU Student Organization Chartering Form and other required documents annually in order to maintain continued association with the University. (Chartering forms are due in September of the current Academic Year)
  9. To update the copy of the organization’s by-laws on file in the Campus Activities office   when amendments are made by the membership.
  10. To conduct the affairs of the organization with the realization that, by virtue of the chartering status granted to the organization by the University, its membership, both individually and collectively, will be viewed by the community as a representative of the University.
  11. An organization shall be responsible for any of its activities that cause a riot, disturbance or disorderly diversion that interferes with the normal operation of the University. This section should not be construed as denying any organization the right of peaceful assembly.