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Office Resources

The Campus Activities Office offers the following resources for Chartered Student Organizations:

workroomCampus Activities offer all chartered student organizations access to the Campus Activities Resource Room for organizations to create flyers, make copies, publish posters, and more. Organizations have the opportunity to use paper, markers, and paint to help them with needs their organization may have. These typical materials are available on a first-come basis and may not be taken else where to use. They must remain in the office at all times.




lockersCampus Activities has a limited number of lockers available for student organizations to check out for the academic year. These lockers are to assist in organizational needs and benefit those organizations on campus that may not already have a space assigned within a department. You may use your organization’s locker for any organizational needs such as a place to store organization materials. The lockers are first-come, first-serve and are available by application from the Campus Activities Office.