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ARF Instructions


The Campus Activities office staff, in discussion with you and other campus offices, will determine which forms and signatures are needed. All social functions sponsored by a chartered student organization being held in the following facilities on the NMSU campus: 1) Golf Course Banquet Room/Players Grill; 2) Fulton Center; 3) Spiritual Center; 4) Corbett Center: including but not limited to Aggie Lounge, Aggie Underground, Auditorium, Ballroom, and Outdoor Stage will be required, in addition to completing the required Activity Registration Form, to attend a meeting with the Activity Registration Review Committee.

Your event may require a signature and/or discussion with one or more of the following offices: Environmental Health & Safety; Facilities & Services; Fire Department; Parking; Police; Auxiliary Administration; Conference Services and/or Advancement. If your event requires signatures or discussions with these offices, the event representative will need to attend an Activity Registration Review Committee meeting. These meetings are held every Tuesday (during the academic semester and as scheduled during the summer months) at 10am in the Campus Activities office, Rm. 106 Corbett Center Student Union. RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED TO ATTEND THESE MEETINGS. You will be notified of the next available meeting time, and scheduled for review of your ARF. Additional signatures from other campus offices might be required and will be determined upon review of activity.

Complete and submit the form to Campus Activities at least TEN DAYS prior to the activity. Depending on the complexity of the event, authorization could require up to 2 weeks (10 – 14 working days) to complete. Events or activities that are submitted with less than 2 weeks (10 – 14 work days) may not receive approval based upon the complexity of the event. Please take this into account during your planning process. After your Activity Registration Form is filled out please bring it in to the Campus Activities Office. Registration Forms are available on the Campus Activities website:

In general, event authorization will be determined based upon projected attendance, time and location of event, description of activity planned, and the number of organizational personnel available to help monitor the event. Other factors, which may also be used to determine authorization, are campus vs. public advertising, closed vs. open event, on site money collection, nature of crowd or program, and a risk assessment. Essentially, there are three parts to the form: I) Activity Description; II) Responsibility Statement; III) Signature and Final Authorization Page.

Please remember, the proposed event cannot be advertised or announced until final approval is given by the Campus Activities office. Approval is considered final when the original form with the signature of the Director of Campus Activities or his/her designee and date stamp is returned to the organization. If you have any questions about the Activity Registration Form process or making a reservation for the meeting, please give us a call at 646-3200 or email

The following items are more detailed instructions for the completion of the Activity Registration Form.



The description of the event should state ALL the activities that will be involved in the event (location, entertainment, food, bake sales, dances, fundraiser, sales/raffles, games/inflatables, films/movies, run/walk 5k’s, etc.) If the description is lengthy and you would prefer to write it on a separate piece of paper, please attach to form.

                  LOCATION: If your event is to be held in Corbett Center, you will need to get a signature from Conference Services and/or the Director of Corbett Center. This signature is required to reserve space and make arrangements for equipment/room set-up requests. If your event is to be held in an academic space, then you will need to request the use of the space through Academic Scheduling for reservations and the facility monitor will also be required to sign for room/equipment usage. If your event is to be held outdoors, Campus Activities will review the form and indicate the required signatures. 

                  ENTERTAINMENT: Campus Activities asks for a copy of the contract/agreement for records only. The organization is responsible for making sure contractual obligations can be met and that the appropriate signatures on behalf of the university are affixed.

                  FOOD: For the purposes of this document, a “caterer” is defined as a business or individual that provides food/service to an event for monetary compensation received from university department and/or student organization funds and comes onto the campus for the purpose of delivering, setting up and/or serving the food. Only approved caterers may be used and the approved caterers have agreed to pay a ten percent (10%) surcharge on the event to Auxiliary Services. A university department or student organization may arrange to pick up the food, transport to campus, and set-up the food and the surcharge is not imposed. This is not allowed in Corbett Center. For events held in Corbett Center, Flavours Catering by Sodexo is the exclusive provider. For all other locations on campus, only NMSU approved caterers should be used. This list is subject to change and should be verified through Campus Activities/Auxiliary Services before catering arrangements are made. The current list provides for the use of all caterers located in the Frenger Food Court, Player’s Grill at the Golf Course; Flavours Catering by Sodexo; Einstiens, Gila Grill I and II, Aggie Grill, Chick Fil-A, Taco Bell, Subway, AC Sushi, Panda Express, Barnes & Noble Café, De La Vega’s, Dickerson’s, and Lorenzo’s Catering. In all cases, Pepsi branded products must be the beverage of choice. In addition, food truck options may be available for events happening after 5 p.m., but must meet certain requirements. Please contact Campus Activities if you are interested in having a food truck on campus.

BAKE SALES: Bake sales are allowed only in areas where campus dining food service is not available. Items are limited to homemade items such as cookies, muffins, brownies, etc.

DANCES/SOCIALS: Security is generally required by and will determined, if needed, by the NMSU Police. In some cases, the faculty/staff advisor must be present.

FUNDRAISERS: Profits from fundraisers must go to the organization. Prior authorization is needed from Campus Activities and/or Advancement before potential donors are approached to request items for donations. Please provide a list of businesses you are requesting to solicit along with the activity registration form.

                  SALES/RAFFLES: Sales of any kind must comply with the SALES AND SOLICITATION POLICY. An instruction sheet for conducting a raffle/bingo event is available in the Campus Activities Office. Prior authorization is needed from Campus Activities and/or Advancement before potential donors are approached to request items for donations. Please provide a list of businesses you are requesting to solicit along with the activity registration form.

                  GAMES/INFLATABLES: Depending on the type of games, it may be necessary to furnish a liability waiver form and proof of insurance. Approval from campus offices, such as Environmental Health & Safety, the Office of Facilities & Services, NMSU Police and the Fire Department may be required.

                  FILMS/MOVIES: In order to comply with copyright laws, you will need a license or release from the distributor or producer to show a movie or documentary to the public.

                  RUN/WALK 5k’s: Contact Campus Activities for information regarding this type of event.



The Sponsoring Organization must have their advisor and president sign the responsibility statement. The Sponsoring Department must have the Department Head sign the responsibility statement.


When the activity registration form is received, Campus Activities will review and determine if additional signatures are needed. Organization/Department will be responsible for obtaining the required signatures and then return the form to Campus Activities for final authorization.


You will be notified by e-mail when your event has been authorized. After your event has been authorized it will be posted on the Campus Activities events calendar.