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Activity Registration Form

You can find the Activity Registration forms here:

Activity Registration Forms for Chartered Student Organizations

Activity Registration Forms for University Departments

Activity Registration Form Request to Rent a University Vehicle

(Please be advised that the forms work best when using Google Chrome, Firefox, or Safari browsers)If you are having trouble accessing the forms, please contact the Campus Activities office at 575-646-3200 and alternate instructions will be given to complete the Activity Registration Form.

Please familiarize yourself the Activity Registration Form Instructions and the Activity Registration Form Regulations.

Food Vendor Requirements

Concerns or Complaints about the Freedom of Expression Point of Contact

University policy requires all events (on or off campus) sponsored by chartered student organizations to be authorized through the Activity Registration Form process. University departments are strongly encourage to follow the Activity Registration Form process when an event or activity the department is sponsoring falls outside of the scope of the department’s normal day to day operations.

Depending on the complexity of the event or activity, authorization could require up to 2 weeks (10-14 work days) to complete. Events or activities that are submitted with less than 2 weeks (10 – 14 work days) may not receive approval based upon the complexity of the event. Please take this time frame into account during the planning process. After your Activity Registration Form is filled out, please bring it in to the Campus Activities Office for additional instructions and/or approval.

The Campus Activities office staff, in discussion with you and other campus offices, will determine which forms and signatures are needed. Your event may require a signature and/or a discussion with one or more of the following offices:

  • Environmental Health & Safety
  • Facilities & Services
  • Fire Department
  • Parking
  • Police
  • Auxiliary Administration and/or Advancement

If your event does require signatures or discussions with these offices, a event representative will need to attend an Activity Registration Review Committee meeting. These meetings are held every Tuesday at 10 a.m. in the Campus Activities office. RESERVATIONS ARE REQUIRED TO ATTEND THESE MEETINGS. You will be contacted by the Campus Activities office and  informed of the next available meeting time as well as scheduled for a meeting.

Please remember that the event can not be advertised or announced until final signature and approval has been given by the Campus Activities office through a signature and date stamp. If you have any questions about the Activity Registration Form process, please give us a call at 646-3200.