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Activity Registration Form Regulations

  1. This activity registration form should be completed by student organizations for all events regardless of location and by NMSU departments when the majority of the attendees will be NMSU students and staff.
  2. Chartered student organizations and University departments may utilize the Activity Registration Form to seek authorization to hold activities in the Corbett Center Student Union a maximum of two days per week per semester or a maximum of two consecutive weeks per semester (ten working days). Space in academic buildings cannot be reserved until first day of class each semester.
  3. This form needs to be completed, authorized at all levels and returned to the organization/department before the function/event is held or announced by means of advertising.
  4. Each and every registration of a student organization must be compatible with their purpose as stated in the by-laws of the organization. If the requested activity is not compatible with the purpose of the organization, the activity may not be authorized.
  5. Authorization of this form is for the event only. Scheduling of the facility, request for food or special services are required in addition to the completed activity registration form.
  6. Activities, which include food products or sale of items or services, shall be conducted in accordance with the University Sales and Solicitation Policy. Copies of the policy are available in the Campus Activities Office.
  7. Organizations/departments sponsoring events requiring crowd control will be responsible for the cost of necessary security when it is determined by the University police or appropriate administrators that such security is required.
  8. All events are subject to the laws of the State of New Mexico, Rules and Regulations of the Board of Regents of New Mexico State University, Code of conduct, EEO Policy, federal laws and other rules and regulations for the different facilities of the University.
  9. Meetings held in University facilities will be open to all members of the campus community regardless of race, color, sex, religion, national origin, physical disability or sexual orientation, except as sanctioned by law.
  10. Each and every organization/department shall review the University’s alcohol policy and alcohol policy guidelines adopted by the NMSU Board of Regents in October 2005, before the organization holds its activity covered by this registration form. Each and every organization hereby verifies, by their signature on the request form, that it has read and understood the alcohol policy and applicable policy guidelines. Copies of the alcohol policy and alcohol policy guidelines are available at the Information Desk at Corbett Center Student Union and at the Campus Activities Office.
  11. If your event is scheduled in multiple locations, please submit a separate list of these locations.
  12. Activity registration for large scale university wide events which require multiple facility signatures or special consideration may be required to be submitted a minimum of 21 days in advance.
  13. In some instances the faculty/staff advisor of the student organization may be required to be in attendance at the event.
  14. EVENT MANAGER IS REQUIRED TO BE PRESENT, IN A SUPERVISORY CAPACITY, THROUGHOUT THE DURATION OF THE EVENT. Event Managers signature is required on electronic copy of form.