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Activity Registration Form

I. Information about use of the NMSU campus for events

University policy requires most events (on or off campus) sponsored by student organizations and/or university departments be authorized through the activity registration process. The activity registration form should be completed by student organizations and/or NMSU departments when the majority of the attendees will be NMSU students and staff. Depending on the complexity of the event, authorization could require up to 2 weeks to complete.

How do I start?

Once you have given thought to

*possible dates (at least 2 weeks from now) and beginning/ending times  (when)

*possible venues (where)

*event type (what)

II. The activity registration form – This is a two – part form

Part One – Please read Activity Registration Form Regulations, then complete Activity Registration Form.

Part Two -The Signature Page is available at the Office of Campus Activities.

The Office staff, in discussion with you and other campus offices, will determine which forms and which signatures are needed. Your event may require a signature and/or a discussion with one or more of the following offices: Environmental Health & Safety; Facilities & Services; Fire Department; Parking; Police; Auxiliary Administration and/or Advancement.